"When we are all gone, our art will speak our truths, our stories. It always has, it always will."

Raquel is a professional in the arts and culture industry consulting with emerging creatives, established artists, and art foundations on financial stability and growth strategies to successfully promote their work.  

She has worked with cultural organizations in creating unique programs, and development strategies including the YJP of NY and The Museum of Modern Art of Bogota.

Other collaborations involving development, conservation, and curatorial endeavors include the Guggenheim Museum, the National Gallery of Art, and the American Institute of Architects. She has most recently worked with Articruz an international art production company in Panama led her to collaborate with emerging artists as well as established creatives.

In 2017, together with the Cruz Diez Art Foundation, Articruz, and the SCADMuseum of Art, she won the Best of the Year award for her work on the exhibition CHROMA an inside into Carlos Cruz-Diez's lifetime investigations.

She is now a partner in the creative accelerator 4 Art Partners and a contributor for Revival Cities a platform that looks to promote the art scene in emerging cities. 

4 Art Partners

4 Art Partners

Empowering Creatives with a Profitable Long Term Strategy. 4 Art Partners is a brand accelerator dedicated to empowering creative talent. We partner with artists, designers, and emerging brands to help them find their voice, elevate their message, and build their presence globally.

Revival Cities

Revival Cities

We are a team of experts focused on promoting Emerging Art Capitals. We work with cities, organizations and companies in over 50 cities to develop and promote projects that will transform them into some of the greatest Art Capitals of the planet.

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